The Nose Knows – Science Fair 2015

The Nose Knows

PrintWho knows if dog noses can be used for identification? Are dog noses unique? I am going to be using dog noses to see if I can identify dogs by their nose print. I am doing this experiment because I love animals. God gave us these creatures to care for and love. If nose prints will identify a specific dog, it might help someone find their lost dog. I believe that nose prints will be like human fingerprints because I see a different nose on each dog, and that is what makes them special and unique.

These words will help you understand my project. Dog nose prints are an image of the dog’s nose surface. Fingerprints are an image of a finger surface. Dogs are a tamed canine. Dye can be food coloring or washable ink and is used to copy the nose print onto a surface so the prints can be compared. Photos are a picture of something and can be used in specialized software for comparison purposes. Unique means one of a kind. High contrast means an image that darkens darks and white in the light areas. Biometrics is using the uniqueness of a person’s face, eye or fingerprint for the purpose of identification and security. Facial recognition software is used for identifying a person from a photo or a video. There are also applications that compare fingerprints and match up the similarities from two prints. The tip of the dog’s nose is called the rhinarium. It is a special type of skin that secretes moisture and has a unique design of dimples, dots and ridges. This information concludes the key terms.

PrintI will be taking several images of each dog’s nose. Those will be compared to make sure the images from the same dog are consistent and reproducible. The rhinarium and the shape of a dog’s nostrils holes or openings, makes a mark that is different enough to identify a specific dog. I did some research on biometric software. I thought I could use that software the same way to identify dogs by their noses. Most biometric software is expensive. The American Kennel Association and the Humane Society both talk about an application called Dognose ID made by a company called ID Systems Integrators. It is not available for some reason. I emailed another company called, a division of Dynamic Ventures that develops custom biometric software. They answered me back and said that it was too expensive to use for my project. It was very difficult to get the prints with ink of the dog’s nose. It did not go well with my test dog because it was hard to figure out how hard to push, press the paper around the whole nose, ink filled in a lot of the holes and it was messy.  Since the ink did not go well, I am not even going to try food coloring.  I am going to use between 2 to 4 high contrast photos of each dog’s nose in my project because the ink will be to messy and the software is too expensive.

If the prints are all the same I will then compare one dog nose print to another dog nose print to see if they are unique. These are the steps I will use in my project.  I will get a list of at least ten dogs to use in my test. Next, I will then make nose prints to see if they will identify the dog. The use of dye on a paper towel or paper will be my process of recording the nose print.  Each print will be done multiple times to see if each dog’s print is consistent. The last step is to see if the dogs have unique nose prints or not.

PrintMy hypothesis is that I am going to look at the high contrast photos of the dogs’ noses and be able to recognize the uniqueness of the rhinarium and the nostrils of each dog. I am going to highlight the similar lines, dots, dimples, and shape of the nostrils holes on each set of photos for each dog. The software is to expensive right now, but one day it should be cheaper. Maybe someday people can use a high contrast print or photo to identify their dog instead of microchips. Now dog owners already can get prints of their dog’s nose for their own records. Sometimes dog owners even have a print of their dog nose on jewelry and artwork to remember the special and unique pet that God gave them. Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” This verse relates to my experiment because everything God crates is unique.




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Doggie Faces – Dog Emotions Survey Update

Alex & ScullyThank you for helping me with my science fair project. Thank you so much for trying to help as much as possible. I have collected all the responses and data that I needed. I have been having so much fun doing this!

Now I have turned the survey back on so it is open to the public. Have fun taking the survey, and this time it shows the answers!

I will post the results to the survey and other parts of my project as soon as possible.
Alexandra & Leonardo & Scully

My Special Pet Camps

I have 4 dogs. they are so so so cute. Lovable, squeezable and can be used as pillows.Their names are Scully, Dali, Cyrus and Leo. They are inside dogs that go outside a lot. They are mostly rescues.

Scully is a Chihuahua mix, she is soft and small. I love the way she looks. She is black and white with big bug eyes. She has a big stripe of white down her chest. She has no fur on her elbows. There is a white stripe around her eye. I call it an “eye stripe.” On her chin there are a few white hairs and my dad calls it her “soul patch.” Scully got on the kitchen table today. She’s jumpy and catchy. I have to hold her really tight then she gets a little wild. Like “ahhhh! let me go!” Sometimes when you hold her she licks. Eventually she will stop.We adopted her in January of 2012 and her birthday is in October. She is still a tiny baby, We love to dress her up.

My mom loves artist names. Dali is my favorite dog. Her real name is Dali Apple. She is named after the famous painter Salvador Dali. She is a harlequin Great Dane. She is still very soft even though she is 4 in people years. She is 28 in dog years. I sleep with her. She makes the best pillow ever in the world. We fight overnight and I always end up with a scratch in the morning. Well, not always! I usually end up with my head on top of her belly. Dali acts silly and loves to run. She doesn’t like it when her two brothers fight. She is an ankle-biter – she literally ankle bites – but only dogs.

Cyrus is a  boy Great Dane. I love him so much, like crazy, because he loves me back. His color is brindle. Brindle is stripes of black, dark brown light brown, dull brown, orangey-brown and white. He has a couple of stripes of white. He has a white stripe on his chest. He is a huge, whiny baby. He’s really 6 in people years. That is 42 in dog years, but he acts like a little kid. He can sometimes be grouchy. We call him the old, old man.

great dane, brindle dane, chihuahua, chihuahua rescue, dog camp

Cyrus, Alex and Scully – Cuties!

My mom’s favorite dog is Leo. He is named after the artist, Leonardo Da Vinci. Our Leo loves to jump, bounce and play with toys. He is a black Great Dane. He is also a rescue. He loves to play with Scully and they look alike.

I have my own dog camp with my dogs. I jog them, let them watch t.v., give them water and snacks. I teach all of them tricks. Scully, Cyrus and Dali are helpers. Dali is my camp greeter. Whenever I plan camp she goes way early so she can help everybody in. I blow bubbles and throw balls for them and throw chew toys. Then I can tell what their favorite activity is. Dali’s best skill is running. She’s so good at it. Dog camp takes place upstairs, outside, my room and in the kitchen. The kitchen and my room are if they misbehave. I put them in there and they stay for the rest of camp! Scully helps me at my desk. I have a folder for each dog. I write their names on the folders. I make take home notes for each dog. Cyrus just lays there and barks and whines if one of the other dogs does something bad. The dogs get check marks, A-s and A+s  if they do a good job. Leo mostly gets just check marks. Cyrus and Scully get A-s and Dali gets A+s.

I enjoy teaching because the dogs learn new tricks. Spending time with them is how I learn about them and what I do with them. Dog camp makes me feel good about myself. I HEART DOG CAMP. I bet they love it, too. I can tell they love me by the way they wag their tails and lick me.

great dane artwork, chihuahua artwork, dog camp, oil pastels dog portrait

Cyrus and Scully Portraits

Do stuff with your pets. See what they like. Pets are awesome.