Hi Everybody – Welcome to My Blog

Hi, I am Alex. I am 8 years old and enjoying my summer before starting 3rd grade.

I like my mom and dad. I like dogs that are white with brown eyes. I also like cats. I really like cats that are white. I have 4 dogs – Dali, Scully, Cyrus and Leo. I have a cat named Pablo and a bearded dragon named Tut. We had two cats. My cat named Klee just died last month.

I will share lots more in the future about my adventures with my pets – including my at-home dog camps. My animals get tired out because they love it so much.

When I was a baby, my parents noticed I was acting so weird. They found out I had a seizure. The first day of my life I had had a stroke. I like the idea of doing this blog to show about my life. God has healed my body so much. My mom said the doctors told her that I might not walk or anything. But I can! I even ride horses and read and write. I can do math so well even though I have brain damage on the left side of my brain. This is where everybody learns how to do math.

The doctors thought I would not be right handed. But I am. Today I do excellent drawings with my right hand. This is a drawing of my little dog, Scully. She is so cute.

In my blog I am going to share about my dogs, riding horses, studying ancient Egypt, cats, snakes, molecules, narwhals and dolphins.

TRY stuff. HAVE fun. SEE what your awesomeness is, too!