Queen Elizabeth II, my fourth grade project (2013)

Elizabeth II is the Queen of England. When she was a little girl her nickname was Lilibet. She got her first pony when she was three years old.

Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926 (age 87) Her full name is Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. She was born in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom. Her nationality is British. Queen Elizabeth II’s mother’s name is Queen Mary Elizabeth and her father’s name is George VI. Her sister is princess Margaret Countess Snowdon.

Queen Elizabeth II was christened on May 29, 1926. Elizabeth started tutoring at six years old at her house. She was tutored only one and a half hours each day. She preferred the outdoors to being in a schoolroom. Elizabeth’s mother invited some neighborhood girls over so she could have her own group of Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) In 1936, Elizabeth’s grandfather died her uncle declined to to king. Elizabeth’s father Prince Albert became King George VI. May 12, 1937, when Elizabeth was 11 years old, she watched her mom and dad get crowned.

In 1939, when she was 13 years old, World War II began. Elizabeth and sister move to Royal Lodge at Windsor Castle. Elizabeth meets Prince Philip of Greece. On April 21, 1942 Elizabeth makes her official public debut at Windsor Palace. In 1944, Elizabeth is made a Privy Council and the Council of State. On July 10, 1947 Elizabeth and Prince Philip announce their engagement. On November 20, 1947 Elizabeth and Prince Philip get married. Elizabeth’s father dies of lung cancer on February 6, 1952 and she ascends to the throne age 26. Oct 16-22, 1957 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip made their first visit to the United States. On June 13, 1981 Queen Elizabeth was horseback riding when someone tried to shoot her and they went to jail. November 26, 1992 the monarchy started paying taxes totaling 11.7 billion pounds. In August 1993 Buckingham Palace opened to the public! In 2002 the Queen celebrated her golden jubilee, both anniversary on the throne. In
February 6-June 5,2012 the queen celebrated her diamond jubilee, or 60th anniversary on the throne. In June 20, 2013 her horse,Estimate won an important race!

I chose Queen Elizabeth because she is my favorite famous person. We are alike because we both like dogs and horses. We also share 2 names alike – Elizabeth and Alexandra. I have British blood in my veins. I am 1/8 British. We are different because she is a Queen and I am not. She is old, 87, and I am young, 9. She likes hats, and I do not. She likes colorful, matching purses. I like small, simple purses. I do not want to trade places with her because he has servants that do things for her. I want to do things on my own.

I learned that Elizabeth II likes dogs and horses. I also learned that she watched her parents get crowned queen and king. She is an amazing Queen of England.

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